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Our Objective.

To build capacity for gender and reproductive health, to promote a consistent health rights of the citizenry, human rights protection through comprehensive health care services.


A world where adolescents and women in the rural / Underserved communities have access to education, health and are free from all forms of violence and vulnerability thereby strengthening VBI through research and social impacts on livelihood,  technology, climate and gender.


To contribute to increased retention and provision of tools for young women in STEM @ St Victoria Specialist Hospital, Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.
To facilitate access to social impacts and economic outcomes of young women thereby ending all forms of violence and vulnerability.
To advocate for cancer screening, MHH, SRH and facilitate access to climate change adaptation for women

Women, Children and young girls need to be better educated about their bodies and therefore empowered to talk to Clinicians about them. VBI'S organizational goal this year 2023 is to raise medical equipment & money to build a well equipped Hospital with Intensive care & Diagnostic Centre with an ambulance that will serve as a model for the health care needs of pregnant women, young children, women, girls & families thus improving health outcomes by reducing social isolation & inequality and create a community of support, within the next six months. Join our cause and donate today through our website.

About Us

Victoria Beacons Initiative (VBI) is a women-led NGO. VBI engages in humanitarian relief packages through outreaches, developing health materials on sexual and reproductive health rights, building capacity for gender equality, social advocacy services and protection of human rights through comprehensive healthcare services in Nigeria.

VBI's primary objective is to improve public awareness on cancer, Maternal and Child Health, sexual and reproductive health of the vulnerable, young and adolescents thereby protecting consistent health rights of the citizenry thus promoting few sustainable development goals.


Organisational Biography

Victoria Beacons Initiative is a Non-governmental organisation established in 2018. By April 16, 2019 her registration certificate with CAC was finally released, with registration number CAC/IT/NO 127815 and made up of 8 members as her Governing Board. Dr Victoria Orji is the Executive Director. Between 2018 and 2023, VBI had been involved in medical outreaches with donations from a few friends and self sponsorship. However, Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 did not allow the organisation to make much progress. The vision of the organisation is to provide funding for infrastructure, equipment, research and training to the fore most premier family - focused private Hospital in South West Nigeria. Our Mission is as stated, as well as social advocacy and impact services.

Picture of some of the vulnerables saved by Victoria Beacons Initiative

2022 Anual Report

Our gratitude to partners, Board members and team @ SVSH, Ife who deliver culturally responsive, competent care and services to the communities. Healthcare, Education, Climate resilience, Livelihood,  Gender & Equity are fundamental to our mission. VBI is a women-led entity, hence diverted donations are still being expected back to our registered UEI Address. Partners are encouraged to courier & track donations to our organization's address to forestall further losses. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

Organisational Curriculum Vitae (Highlights)


I work for St Victoria Specialists Hospital from inception.
My official title is Matron, as well as Director My responsibilities are Nursing administration, supervision of subordinates as well as social advocacy and impact services.
In 2018, I coordinated a project on the Sociocultural factors affecting the utilisation of Antenatal Clinic amongst Teenage mothers in our community. It was a good success.
Currently, the project needs to be expanded to accommodate more Teenage mothers. This is Maternal and Child Health research. I am also looking for partnership / sponsorship for research studies on Health Promotion and Cancer. Victoria Beacons Initiative was created in 2018, having completed a PhD degree and in order to fulfil the long time desire of engaging in research and reaching out to my community. So far, we have been able to make progress. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

Note from the founder

Despite the challenging operating environment, we have focused on responding in our community to enable them stay healthy post pandemic. We are committed to our mission & vision statement. We also enabled welfare packages for some of the less - privileged women in our community. We are looking forward to the recovery of all our diverted medical equipment meant for St Victoria Specialists Hospital, Ife. Now the urgency for the focus in 2022 on Health, gender issues and human rights takes significance given the women/girls population and the vulnerability they face.

CEO, Victoria Beacons Initiative


'Thank you' to our CEO who gave a token welfare package to representatives of less-priviledged women in our community during the just concluded yuletide season.

Frequently Asked Questions?

You can donate through our website using credit card, Bank account, Transfer, USSD or QRCode Here

Yes, you can send mail to us using our email address. You can also follow us on social media platforms.

Yes, it is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

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No.40, St. Victoria Specialist Hospital, Opposite N.T.A, Oke Isokun Quarters, Mokuro Road, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

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Cross House ( Beside LG Showroom) Opposite SDP Secretariat, Gbongan -Ibadan Road Ogooluwa Area, Osogbo, Osun State.


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